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What Should Be Included In A Pitch Presentation?

I am sure every single of you out there want to make the best Pitch Presentation isn’t? You want to impress your audience and you want to hear the word BRAVO when you finish presenting your idea isn’t? I understand and that’s why below you can find the DO’S in order to have the best of the best presentation.

1. A story behind your startup idea

It’s so excited when a person tells us a story about how he/she achieved a particular thing in life. This is what you should do! If you can tell a personal story about your start up idea then your customers may become so inspired and in the end they may want to work with you.

2. Use few bullet points per slide

Many bullet points in just one slide may lose the concentration of your audience (I’m talking by experience). Keep it simple like 3-4 points per slide and do not forget to have enough gap between your points. Avoid having different colors,fonts per point because it’s not so professional.

3. Use high definition pictures

We all agree that a big, high definition picture is always better that a small blurry picture. Do not forget that your pictures must be for free usage otherwise you may have some trouble with copyrights. You can use pixabay and freepik !

4. Learn most of the presentation by heart

In my opinion it’s not correct to read each word from your script. If you can learn some part, then you will give the feeling that you know your stuff very well and your audience will think that you have much confidence!

5. Be prepared for questions

 It’s a sure thing to be asked questions from your potential customers. For this reason, try to think of standard questions that customers can ask like ‘Why should I choose to buy your products/services?’. If you can answer quickly then you will show them how confident you are with your business.

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