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Tips For Your Pitch Presentation

‘Pitch presentation… Pitch presentation.. WHAT’S THAT?’ you may say but I say ‘No panic friends!’ Together we are going to learn from the very beginning the meaning of a pitch presentation and what should be included on each slide.

Pitch presentation is a quick, brief presentation usually done with PowerPoint and its aim is to give your audience (most probably your customers) an idea about your business plan. You will have to present during face-to-face or online meetings so an advice is to make your presentation readable for audience which are right in front of you or in front of a laptop.

1. Introduce yourself and state your purpose of doing this presentation

Avoid telling your whole story since childhood years and try to include your working/education achievements. Also, include what do you want to achieve after this presentation is finished.

2.  Show your team

After you introduce each member individually, describe the role they have in this business and what makes each of them suitable for that role.

3. The Problem you want to solve

The purpose of the business you want to introduce must solve a problem that society has. For example, one problem was to introduce something to make people wake up when they are sleeping. That’s why alarms were created!

4. Describe the Solution of the Problem you stated

Inform your audience of how you came up with that solution (How did you brainstorm that solution?)

5. The Advantage of your solution

In other words, why is your solution better than someone else solution? What makes you stand out?

6. Explain your Product/Service

After your describe the problem and the solution, explain how the product or service is actually going to perform in the real world. Explain what software you use, techniques, materials.

7. The Market

State and explain the market you are about to enter. Show that you did you research on your potential competitors and what is the most suitable price for your product/service.

8. Your Business Model

In this slide you should explain how are you going to make money from this product/service and when are you expecting to make profit as well.

9. Investment

What are you going to do with the money you will receive? Explain any future investments you have in mind.

10. Contact information

In this last slide you should include all your contact information and you should state that you are available whenever they need you.

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We, the SockSeed team, hope that these 10 tips are so useful and of course

we can help with each slide of your presentation if you have any doubt.

It is so important to have an awesome presentation so be careful because every detail matters.

We have many more articles related with Pitch Presentation written just for you.

Stay tuned!


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