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Problem? What’s That?


Last time we talked about Choosing a Name and that Idea = Solution to a Problem. But if you’re here, it means you got stuck at the very beginning, trying to write down the problem that you are trying to solve with your idea, did we guess it?

Now, now, no need to feel embarrassed, we’ve all been there, and that’s why SockSeed will tell you all it knows about problems!

Don’t worry it won’t take a lot of time, we need to talk to you about solutions too! But that’s a different topic!


What is a Problem?

Adapting dictionary’s definition a problem is an unwelcome or harmful matter or situation that should be dealt with.

Easy for them to say, but some problems might not be something that we can see straight away. Some may be very focused on a small group of individuals. But the questions we want to ask today is, do we discard those small group related problem? That’s up to you, but we wouldn’t disregard them if we were you.

Another thing that we want you to remember is that a problem doesn’t necessarily mean something new. You might take something that no one thinks as a problem and turn it into one. But don’t forget, that ultimately you’ll have to come up with a solution!

And one tip from SockSeed! Start with problems that matter to you first! Think what would make your life easier first, and maybe others have same problems too! You never know!

Let’s take an example:

You want to make the lives of students easier. Doesn’t matter middle, high school or University students. Your idea is to make their lives easier. Now, that’s an awesome idea, but now you need to find out in what areas can you make their lives easier: is it studying?; Transportation?; or plain morning classes that give everyone hard times?

All those questions are your possible problems to work on, to find your own unique solutions to. But don’t start developing your product yet! First, you’ll have to Interview your customers. They might give you other ideas!


Let’s get this over so we can work on something more challenging! But don’t forget that SockSeed is here for your on every step of your journey! If you have questions, we’re ready to help!

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SockSeed’s platform can help you with all these tips so do not hesitate to contact us. We know that every beginning looks scary but those tips should help you feel more motivated. If you find value to this post then get ready for many more articles to come written just for you!

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Katie Topchishvili