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Naming Your Idea


It seems you’ve completed your profile, team and even had that fun test to tell your personality! Wait you didn’t? Hmm…. Well, you can always go back to Platform and completed it, but we guess you’re here because you got stuck with coming up with a name!

Don’t worry, we’ve been there and struggled too, but as you see we came out victorious and so will you!

First of all, let us remind you, that you are completing the draft of your idea, and while we don’t want you to be precise, we don’t want you to straight too far of. So, let’s work together on some tips to help you come with the best name for your business idea.

Ready? Let’s go!

Best Name?

Truth be told there’s no such thing as the best name in the beginning. We always have doubts about everything, especially about something like a name of our company. Until the very end, and by that we mean either the full-blown success or a total failure we always have doubts if we should have named it differently.

Thus, like strategists like to say: there is no BEST, there’s just the better option! 

So, are you gonna give me those tips?

Yes, yes, we will. And you’re bound to love them!

But before we do so, let us briefly explain What is in the Name!

In simple words, the name of your business should be able to transcend time and convey the perfect image of your business. It’s a delicate blend of art and science, thus we can never give a definite answer to the question.

The success of such giants as Microsoft, Apple and Amazon is not down their names alone. Nor did Facebook succeed where Diaspora failed simply because it had a catchier moniker. The fact is, a company is not made great by its name. It is made great by its business model, its people and, above all else, its achievements.

Choosing Your Name

Let’s divide the final section into two parts. When choosing a name, as we have already mentioned it’s a delicate blend of art and science. But we are not asking you to use maths or physics to create the name for your company. There are two approaches:

  • Emotional
  • and Practical

Emotional aspect The inspiration for your business name can come from anywhere. According to the 2011 biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the name Apple was born out of one of

As we’ve been mentioning before, the inspiration for your company name can come from anywhere. You may be in the shower, on a conference or driving home from a long day at work!  According to the 2011 biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the name Apple was born out of one of Jobs’ fruitarian diets. Jobs thought the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.” It covered the Suggestive, Meaningful, Imagery and Emotional parts of Watkins’ SMILE.

You can take this approach, and find a name that has emotional ties to you, but before we leave you finding that perfect name let us cover the practical aspect too!

Practical Aspect

The practical considerations are more numerous than the emotional ones but arguably easier to apply. As you come up with ideas based on the emotions you want to evoke, check them against this list to make sure you avoid the classic naming pitfalls.

1. Is it memorable?  Always, always, think of it, will your customers remember the name? will they read it once and it will be stuck in their heads? Let’s be honest, if your customers can’t remember your name, how are they going to find you? Short, familiar words of one or two syllables are easiest to remember. Apple. Golf. Twitter. But then again choose something that has a meaning to your business! Think about spelling too. If you decide to give it a twist by changing the spelling, make sure you’re not making it confusing because any confusion will make your name harder to remember

2. Is it baggage free? Now, this one is really important. and you’ll need a lot of research for it. Suppose you chose something awesome for a name, but now, you’ll have to think far, far ahead! yes, while you might be wondering why should I be thinking about expansion in China or India, I don’t know if my business will be profitable in L.A. why should I care about the name in Chinese or Hindu?

Hold your horses there! Rule #1 of every business, don’t limit yourself to such things! Think out of your box and look into future! Thus, it’s good if you check how the name sounds in other languages, and if maybe, just maybe your company won’t be famous somewhere just because the name has a different meaning in their language.

3. Is it usable in all applications? Further to the previous point, make sure the domain name you want is available. Consistency between your brand name and your domain name are very important for reinforcing your brand in customers’ minds and many good name suggestions flounder on this technicality. It’s easy to look up domain name availability online: Just do a search for “domain names” and open one of the numerous domain registration sites that come up.

Consider too how your brand name is going to appear– on packaging and signage, etc. Do you produce goods that will have your name on them? If so, how does that dictate the shape of it? A four-letter name like Dodo offers very different possibilities to a long name like Sparrowhawk. Think about social media handles too.

4. Has it got legs? Will it be possible for it to expand? Will you be able to grow in the future? Consider it again with previous points. Think into future!


Are you ready now to give your business or an idea a name? SockSeed believes you are, if not, you can always get in contact with us. We’re always happy to help you out anyway we can! Your ideas matter to us!

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SockSeed’s platform can help you with all these tips so do not hesitate to contact us. We know that every beginning looks scary but those tips should help you feel more motivated. If you find value to this post then get ready for many more articles to come written just for you!

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