How It Works

Below is everything that we are offering at SockSeed's online platform. With this complete set of tools & know-hows, you will be able to extract a business idea from your head and transform it into a viable concept to build your business around!

Getting You Started

Preparing yourself for your entrepreneurship journey

What do we help you with?

Motivating you and keeping your motivated for your journey

Showing you how to set up goals for your business

Getting to know yourself professionally

Helping you plan for your future success

Getting your team onboard with your project

Carefully Choosing Your Idea

Creating, describing, validation and evaluating your business ideas

What do we help you with?

Showing you how to extract your business ideas from your head

Keeping records of all your business ideas

Helping you understand your potential customers better

Automatically creating customers interview templates for your business ideas

Assisting you to conduct customers interviews

Keeping record & analyzing your customers interviews

Helping you Evaluate & validate your business ideas

Helping you choose your best business idea to continue your journey with

Shaping Your Offering

Creating and testing different solutions and offering for your customers

What do we help you with?

Showing you how to enhance the solution you will be offering to your customers

Preparing your offering messages for your solution

Automatically constructing business idea’s online landing pages

Giving you the ability to share & analyze your online landing pages

Assisting you to evaluate your offerings & business ideas by landing pages’ analytics

Validating your offerings and helping you to choose the most promising one

Your Idea's Pricing & Financials

Creating and testing pricing plans for your business idea’s product

What do we help you with?

Showing you the fastest way to find your pricing plan for your idea’s product

Automatically generating online landing pages to test your pricing plans hypothesis

Automatically generating customer interviews for your pricing plans

Assisting you to evaluate & validate your product’s pricing plans

Helping you to choose the most promising product pricing plan to continue your journey

Preparing Your Idea & Documents

Preparing your idea and your company structure to be ready before launching

What do we help you with?

Automatically creating presentations and scripts to for you business idea

Preparing you to be able to answer any question about your business idea

Helping you analyze & expand your team

Showing you how to estimate the equity distribution among you & your co-founders

Executing Your Idea

Set of necessary activities to help you launch your MVP

What do we help you with?

Assisting you to develop your plan for your perfect MVP

Helping you plan for your product customers referrals and getting it to go viral

Summarizing everything you have done before launching your product

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