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Our Platform Features

We have put together our knowledge, experience, findings, collected data and research into SockSeed’s online platform backbone
Generating New Business Ideas

SockSeed’s “business idea generator” tool helps you to brainstorm alone or with others online to capture your moments of genius and come up with new business ideas.

Keeping All Your Business Ideas

You can securely add your business ideas into your accounts. SockSeed makes it easy for you to keep track of all of your business ideas and refer back to them whenever needed.

Realizing & Developing Ideas

SockSeed guides you to ideate on each of your business ideas and develop them into mature business hypothesis and plans. This section pushes you to look at your ideas from different perspectives and come up with hypothesis to be tested with the market.

Testing Business Ideas

SockSeed provides you with various interactive online tools and strategies to test your previous hypothesis directly with your market and customers. These tools help you to collect critical information from the market to understand if your ideas and hypothesis are any good.

Showcasing & Sharing Business Ideas

SockSeed automatically generates imperative online/offline documents from all the previous work done by you so that you can immediately share your business ideas with the world and get immediate feedback.

Step-By-Step With Tutorials

Through-out the platform, every section is in a step-by-step format and includes tutorials to help you learn and develop your business ideas with ease. You don’t need any sort of educational background to use this platform.

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