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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Find The Perfect Business Idea

Finding the perfect business idea might be the most difficult task for every new entrepreneur, isn’t? How many hours have you spent writing, erasing, writing, erasing ideas on a piece of paper? The struggle is real I know but we are here to guide you step by step.

Below, there are 5 steps with the aim to help you brainstorm the most suitable idea for you

1. Map your ideas

The idea of mapping was created by the CEO of GrowthLad, Ramit Sethi, and is very simple. Your idea mapping may start by listing 3 categories which will help you understand on which things you are more expert.

  • Your skills ( e.g languages, degrees)
  • Your experiences ( e.g  traveling, internships)
  • Challenges you faced in your life (e.g weight)


Through your skills, experiences,challenges a business idea may pop up!

2. Email friends or relatives

If an idea comes to your mind may be just one word like ‘money’. If you email your friends or relatives asking them what do they think of the word money and how they feel about this word then you may automatically find what is missing from the market of money. If your friends say ‘ I wish this could happen … ‘ when you ask them about what they think of the word money then you immediately know not only a business idea but also that this idea is a good one.

3. Think of ways that save people’s money and time

A successful business idea is the one that can help people to save money and time. These two elements are very crucial for people and their everyday lives so if you think of ways that minimize both the cost and the time consumption then you are one step closer to success.

4. Think of an idea that fulfill people’s needs

As i mentioned earlier if the idea you have is what is missing from the market you are about to enter then you have many chances of success. The same goes if you brainstorm an idea that fulfill people’s needs like love, safety, physiological. An example of love is friendship and for safety is to be healthy. In addition, an example of physiological need is water.

So, if you find an idea that boost these needs then again you are one step closer to success!

5. More and more experience

Yes, this one is related with number 1 but I want to give more emphasis on this specific element. Experience is so powerful when it comes to brainstorming an idea. By learning more and more and by working on new things then it is easier for you to come up with something new and fresh.

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SockSeed is next to you to help you and guide you on all these steps to ensure a successful business idea. Stay tuned for many more articles written just for you!


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